Are you trying to determine the value of your old toys? Are you thinking about selling your old toys? I am an active buyer of old and vintage toys and trains. Thank You

The Chicago Toy Show was a blast! It was amazing to see so many terrific toys! Has to be the best show in the country. Here is a shot of my table to the show. My next show will be the Greater Seattle Toy in Seattle at the Kent Commons on March 15th. This show is ran by Todd Aicher who does a terrific job and has been running this show at the Kent Commons for many years.

If you want to call me about your toys I can be reached at: I-2O8-9I4-5729

If you have toys or a collection of toys you want to sell, I am an experienced dealer of Vintage and Antique Toys. I have been in the Toy business for over 15 Years. Toys I specialize in Include:

Cast Iron Toys - Arcade | Hubley | Vindex | JE Stevens | Dent | AC Williams | Kenton | Kilgore | Others

Pressed Steel Toys - Buddy L | Tonka Toys | Doepke | Nylint | Ertl | Minnitoys | Structo | Sturditoys | All American Toy Co. | Sturdibilt | Keystone | Many More

Toy Trains - Lionel Postwar | Lionel Prewar | American Flyer | Marklin | Dorfan

Ride On Toys - Doepke | Buddy L | Keystone

I buy individual toys or collections of terrific toys like these I have shown on my website. You can call me at 208-914-5729 or email me. I buy collections Large or Small and will travel to pick up larger collections as practical.

I am located in Boise, Idaho and Travel often to Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas and Reno to buy toys. I attend the Greater Seattle Toy Show at the Kent Commons in March, May and November.

Feel free to give me a call to dicuss your toys, what they might be worth to me and possibly the best method of selling them. I will always ask for photos of your toys as this allows me to determine the value of them. You can email me directly at If you prefer to text your photos send them to me at 2O8-9I4-5729. I look forward to talking to you about your toys.

I am active in Buying and Selling all types of train up to 1969, The first American made electric toy train was actually produced by Carlisle and Fitch. Most people think the first electric toy trains were made By Lionel, but Lionel did not start production until about 1900, while Carlisle and Fitch made them as early as 1895 and they were powered by a crude battery system that used glass jars, lead rods and bottles of acid. The track was actually wound up coils of metal that fit into slot cut into the railroad ties. The most common set was a coal train set that had a locomotive followed by 3 or 4 coal cars.

Here is MetalCraft Sunshine Bisciut truck, Metalcraft was in busines for a short period of time compared to other toy manufactures of the period like Buddy L, Tonka Toys, Marx and others. One of the notable points about the Metalcraft


Trucks was the terrific graphice they applied to thier trucks, few manufactures captured the feel of the period as well as Metalcraft toys. Another terrific Metalcraft toy is this Pure Oil Airplane . Examples of this Airplane are tough to find in good condition.








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